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Why mongock?

Mongock is a Java based migration tool as part of your application code for Distributed environments focused in managing changes for your favourite NoSQL databases.

Why controlling DB changes with you application code?

Allows developers to execute safer database changes by having ownership and control over migrations during the Application deployment process as code and data changes are shipped together.


Java Based tool

Import Mongock in your Java Application.

Code-first Approach

Write migration scripts in Java, allowing to ship database changes with application code.

Native compatibility with Java, Spring and Spring Boot

Compatible ready with your favourite Frameworks.

NoSQL Databases support

Mongock's main focus is to support the most popular NoSQL databases.

Distributed Environments

Mongock implements a locking mechanism that allows multiple instances of an Application to run - assuring one-write-only.

Open Source and Community support

Open, License free and Supported by a community of enthusiats.

History of changes

Persists log of changes applied in the database via a Mongock.

Management Operations

Mongock offers multitude of Operations to handle database changes. Some of these are: Migrations, Rollbacks, Undo, List History, Audit, etc.

CLI Included

Mongock comes with a Command Line Interface for better management of the Operations over the Datastore.


Our list of supported NoSQL databases is growing! Mongock currently supports a few to mention amongst others:



It all began with MongoDB! Mongock was created supporting MongoDB changes as the first Database. Mongock supports Mongo Atlas.



Manage AWS' DynamoDB changes with Mongock.


Manage CosmoDB changes with Mongock.


Amazon Web Services DocumentDB is compatible with MongoDB - and therefore compatible with Mongock.

Our mission

Full Developer Control

Empower Developers to have full control over Application and Database changes. Allow to manage stateful and stateless changes in distributed systems in a safe and reliable manner.

Change Management

Migrate and ship your Database changes with your Application. Mongock allows many more operations to manage your changes (Migration, Rollback, Undo, Audit, etc.)

DevOPS Best practices

Version control your changes as they ship with your code. The deployment of the Application will execute a migration to the required state, achieving immutable deployments in any environment for your Data changes.

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