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🎉 We are opening our Sponsorship platform 🎉

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Due to the successful launch of Mongock and rapid adoption in the community, Team Mongock is excited to announce the opening of our Sponsorship platform 🎉

Mongock is fast becoming the default tool for managing NoSQL database changes with application code. With positive feedback, majority of users have confirmed including Mongock as part of their best-practice toolkit 🙌🏽

Our inbox has been filled with requests such as maintaining, documenting and supporting our software in addition to advanced functionalities for further Databases and framework integrations.

To manage the demand Team Mongock is happy to invite the community to contribute via Sponsorship which will allow the team to focus on delivering the complex engineering work.

Sponsorship will help grow our community into a sustainable reward model by contributing to running and development costs (ie. Bounties). Team Mongock incentivises growth of the community and looks forward to welcoming those who’d like to join us in this journey.

Thank you very much for supporting us with your contribution ❤️

Team Mongock

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